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Corporation Name:台 灣 新 竹 柏克萊大飯店
English Name:Berkeley Hotels Hsinchu Taiwan
Unified Business No.:97267877
Services & Products:精緻商務客房 精品套房 餐廳 酒吧 商務中心 展覽發表會
Business Hours:00:01-24:00 全年無休


台 灣 新 竹  柏克萊大飯店


If you would like to book a room, make reservation, please write to us and we will reply by email, or phone call if you prefer.    
Berkeley Hotel Email:

Please check out our newly renovated hotel rooms and suites pictures, click here!!
2017 全新裝潢房間了, 要看現場圖片嗎? 請點我!!

要快速訂房間?請 email 電郵或 直接打台灣新竹柏克萊的電話.我們的親切櫃台秘書可馬上為您 訂房.886-3-5251155中正店886-3-5728668光復-科園店

l  !!! 榮獲台灣觀光公會「2015_~2017年最佳商務飯店金牌獎」,Best lodging hotel in Hsinchu, Taiwan 2015~2017 Award

l  好消息~飯店已全面翻修並更新各項設施,今後將提供更奢華、更舒適的住宿

There are TWO Hsinchu Berkeley Hotel locations here in Hsinchu.  Please check below for the correct location that you wish to stay at!!!



The Taiwan Berkeley hotels are located in Hsinchu city downtown area. It has 110 rooms, a business office and a conference room. FrontDesk secretarial staffs ,proficient in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese language, providing intimate lodge, and professional business services for guests.
2017 "Taiwan's annual tourism hotel evaluation GOLD award", received praises from Chinese and foreign guests.


市中心中正店Berkeley Hotel (Downtown location)

註冊公司新竹柏克萊大飯店] 統一編號: 97267877
  店址:  新竹市中正路151號  
English Name: Taiwan Berkeley Hotel, City Center
  Address: 151 Chung Cheng Rd. Hsinchu Taiwan
  訂房專線洽 國內:03-5251155
Reservation number
: (886) 3-525-1155 
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科園店(又稱光復店)Berkeley Hotel (Science Park location) (Near the universities.)

  [中華民國註冊公司: 柏克萊大飯店光復分公司

店址:  新竹市光復路二段274號
English Hotel name: Taiwan Berkely BusinessCenter, Science Park
  Address: 274 GuangFu Road, Sec. 2, Hsinchu Taiwan
  訂房專線洽: 03-572-8668
Reservation number: 886-3-5251155 or email to
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services: 新竹市,住宿,新竹縣,便宜,新裝潢,開幕,划算,hsinchu

Shipping & Payment

Service Zone:North of TWN, Mid of TWN, HK & Macao, China, Japan & Korea, North America, Europe


Address:新竹市光復路二段272號 (Full display google map)

台 灣 新 竹 柏克萊大飯店

Transportation Info

(NOTE: There are 2 Berkeley hotels/BusinessCenters, write down the correct one before you come!!! BEST to ask the taxi driver to CALL when not able to find.)


中正店位於新竹市中心, 最繁華的商業中心,位於新竹市中正路上,可步行至新竹火車站、古蹟東門城、新竹市政府及百貨公司。打從您進入新竹柏克萊的那一刻起,歐式的Lobby,高雅的空間陳設,讓您感受賓至如歸的悠閒氣氛。而鬧中取靜的地理位置,更是商務人士出差洽公時的飯店首選。

Located in Hsinchu City Center, The most prosperous business district, located in Hsinchu City, Chung Cheng Road, walking to Hsinchu Railway Station, the ancient city of East Gate, Hsinchu City Hall and department stores. From the moment you enter Hsinchu Berkeley, the European Lobby, elegant space furnishings, you feel at home in a relaxed atmosphere. The quiet of the geographical location, it is the prefer travel hotel for all .

地址: 新竹市中正路151號 (新竹火車站前, 直走路 10分鐘)
ADDRESS: 151, Chung Cheng Rd. Hsinchu, Taiwan. (Within 10 minutes of walking from Hsinchu Rail Station)
TEL: 03-525-1155.

高鐵站: 有高鐵  市區接駁車(洽高鐵站服務處)
請上車往 新竹市市中心, 於[文化中心]站牌 下車,步行約 30公尺 右手邊就到達。 (新竹 著名 北大教堂對面,,交叉路口: 北大路/中正路)

Taiwan High Speed Rail Station: there's a shuttle bus to downtown Hsinchu, or take a taxi (FEE.)

II. 新竹柏克萊大飯店 BERKELEY BusinessCenter, Science Park

科園店 又稱呼 光復店 [博客來商務會館18222721]位於新竹市交通動脈光復路上,鄰近清華大學與交通大學,更是到新竹科學園區 (最近距離) 和 到竹北 各大科學園區的 洽公首選。打從您進入新竹柏克萊的那一刻起,歐式的Lobby,高雅的空間陳設,讓您感受賓至如歸的悠閒氣氛。柏克萊大飯店秉持著一貫的以客為尊的服務精神,讓每位來新竹的旅客都能感受到飯店的專業與熱忱。

Is located in Hsinchu City, on the Guangfu Road, adjacent to Tsinghua University and Jiaotong University, and to Hsinchu Science Park (the nearest distance) and also to the scientific park Zhubei, Zhubei City.  From the moment you enter Hsinchu Berkeley, the European Lobby, elegant space furnishings,  you feel at home in a relaxed atmosphere. The Berkeley Hotel has always maintained a customer-oriented spirit of service, so that every visitor to Hsinchu can feel the hotel's professional and dedicated.

地址: 新竹市光復路2段272號 (交通大學/清華大學斜對面.)  會館訂房電話: 03-5728668
ADDRESS: 272 GuangFu Road, Sec. 2, Hsinchu, Taiwan. ( near National Chiao Tung University/ Tsing Hua Unversity/ Hsinchu Science Park)
Reservation Tel: 886-3-572-8668 or write Email to 

高鐵站: 有 高鐵接駁車
請上車往 新竹市中心, 於[清華大學]站牌 下車,步行約 20公尺 左手邊 就到達。

High Speed Rail (H.S.R.) Station: take H.S.R to Hsinchu Station => After arriving Hsinchu, take a taxi to your hotel or the H.S.R. shuttle bus to NTHU stop; . (About 20 meters from the stop is the door of Berkeley hotel!!)

周邊景點:  Famous Tourist attactions:

• 新竹十八尖山賞花遊
• 新竹沿海十七公里海岸線
• 新竹都城隍廟
• 新竹玻璃工藝館
• 六福村主題樂園
• 北埔綠世界生態農場
• 小人國主題樂園

Neighborhood Facilities

餐廳 中餐 西餐 美式咖啡廳 Restaurant Chinese Western American Cafe
室內 外停車場 Indoor Outdoor Parkinglot
健身房 GYM/Fitness Center
會議室 Conference Room for 80+ people
上網區 Free Internet Stations
籃球場 Basketball Court
空中花園/烤肉區 Sky Lounge and garden

接待大廳 飯店式管理 接駁巴士 特約SPA 溫泉包販售 特約 游泳池 中庭花園
空中花園 露天咖啡座 清交大休閒步道 健康步道
後院烤肉區 遊戲區 育兒室 閱覽區
會議室 交誼廳 健身房
籃球場 果嶺區(籌備中) 泡茶亭
桌球室(籌備中) 安親教室 警衛室
國際宴會廳 公眾電腦區 Hinet HotSpot, 全球移動, 大眾wifi, 水悅流瀑
垃圾壓縮機 麻將間 特約三溫暖
垃圾分類空間 棋藝室 品茗區
藝術水池 貴賓室 沙發區
自動洗衣空間 Loung bar 多功能會館